At Wesleyan, I am teaching Topics in International Law and Global Environmental Politics in Fall 2021.

- Topics in International Law syllabus 

- Global Environmental Politics syllabus

I taught seminars and introductory courses on international politics at the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard University. At Harvard, I won a Derek C. Bok Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2017. Teaching evaluations are available upon request.

- International Political Economy (My sample syllabus)

  : Taught with Prof. Jeff Frieden as Head Teaching Fellow in Fall 2017 @Harvard College

   : See IPE-related courses I am interested in teaching (See Teaching Portfolio)

- International Conflict and Cooperation (My sample syllabus)
  : Taught with Prof. Dustin Tingley as Teaching Fellow in Spring and Fall 2016 @Harvard College, also in Spring and Fall of 2018 @Harvard Extension School

- International Relations in East Asia (Gov1760: Syllabus)

  : Taught with Prof. Iain Johnston as Head Teaching Fellow in Spring 2017 @Harvard College